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The Belief Code – Clearing Limiting Beliefs To Free Your Mind Body And Spirit

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are deeply ingrained convictions or thought patterns that constrain individuals from realizing their full potential or hinder their ability to achieve specific goals. These beliefs often originate from early life experiences, societal influences, or repeated negative self-talk, forming a mental framework that restricts possibilities and perpetuates a sense of self-imposed limitations.


These beliefs manifest as internalized narratives about one’s capabilities, worth, or the nature of the world, and they act as subconscious filters through which individuals interpret their experiences. Limiting beliefs can take various forms, such as the belief in one’s inadequacy, fear of failure, or the conviction that certain opportunities are beyond reach.


What makes limiting beliefs particularly insidious is their subtle influence on behaviour and decision-making. They create self-fulfilling prophecies, shaping actions in alignment with the restrictive beliefs, thereby reinforcing the very limitations they impose. Individuals may unconsciously avoid opportunities, self-sabotage, or set low expectations, all rooted in these ingrained, negative convictions.


Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Recognizing and challenging limiting beliefs is a crucial step toward personal growth and success. By fostering self-awareness, individuals can confront these beliefs, reevaluate their validity, and replace them with empowering alternatives. Overcoming limiting beliefs opens the door to expanded possibilities, increased self-confidence, and a more resilient mindset conducive to achieving desired outcomes.


One way to overcome limiting beliefs is through the Belief Code.


The Belief Code was created by Dr Brad Nelson who created the Emotion Code and the Body Code. Dr Brad says on his website at Discover Healing – “The Belief Code will follow the same simple, easy-to-use process as the Emotion Code and Body Code. It uses mind-mapping technology to allow the subconscious to lead practitioners to the belief that needs to be addressed. Similar to the way the Body Code is organized in the Body Code System App, the Belief Code is comprised of categories and subcategories with cascading lists of both negative and positive beliefs. This results in an efficient process of finding and releasing unwanted beliefs. Additionally, the Belief Code seamlessly integrates with the Body Code so that the effects of negative beliefs can be recognized in all the other dimensions and systems of the body. “


The Belief Code® stands as a sophisticated and all-encompassing energy healing approach, building upon the foundational principles of both the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™. This innovative method empowers energy healing practitioners to delve into the subconscious mind, effectively identifying and releasing undesirable beliefs, transforming or substituting negative thought systems, and creating a fertile space for the cultivation of new, empowering beliefs!


Our conscious beliefs are the ideals we consciously strive to embrace and control. However, the challenge arises when our subconscious beliefs deviate from these desired thoughts. Take, for instance, the aspiration to cultivate a stronger sense of self-worth. Daily, we may affirm, “I am worthy,” looking to instill this positive belief consciously. Yet, upon deeper introspection, we may discover an entrenched negative belief about our own worthiness. Even with consistent positive affirmations, self-compassion, and self-care, these hidden subconscious beliefs can stubbornly resist, making it a formidable task to perceive ourselves in a positive light. The Belief Code provides a transformative avenue to unearth these subconscious beliefs, liberating us from incongruous belief patterns and enabling us to perceive our reality with clarity!


How Does The Belief Code Work?

All beliefs are energy, we can clear that energy allowing for transformation.


The photo attached shows you the belief code system, being much like a tree. At the top we have negative programs, these are much like the branches of a tree, they hold some weight to the tree, they are much like our negative thoughts. These can be cleared. Then there is the trunk of the tree, which is limiting beliefs, this holds the structure up, but its not the root of the issue. Then we get to the roots, this is the faulty core identity which is the root of the belief system. Then there is the faulty core identity, this is the soil, it contributes to keeping the system in place, its perhaps the environment you grew up in or something that keeps contributing to the system.


We may think we want to change at a conscious level but we are always pulled back to the level of our subconscious beliefs.

Examples of limiting beliefs are:

  • Im not good enough
  • Im alone
  • God abandoned me
  • Nobody loves me
  • I am unwanted


In the Belief Code process I muscle test all parts of the belief system and clear them, and test to see if positive statements can be installed.


Here are some testimonials from clients I have worked with:


I had 3 sessions with Kate’s Belief Code and I was completely blown away at how something so simple could have such a deep healing effect on me. After the sessions I had a kind of healing reaction and just wanted to have salt baths every day for a few days to cleanse my energy field, even though I am not someone who typically has baths. New realisations came up and I felt that I was much calmer about the issues I had sought Kate to help me with, and also saw a new perspective on these. If you like a system that can help you get back on track without too much talking, then this one works and is ideal for you. I am really grateful for the opportunity.

Sarah L, London


A few sessions with Kate finally resolved some stubborn obstacles that kept sabotaging my daily efforts. Being in a safe environment with Kate allowed me to address issues that I have not been able to solve in other modalities. Although it seems deceptively simple and gentle, I found it profound and powerful. Kate’s experience enabled me to trust the process. It has made a noticeable difference to how certain issues and experiences in my past affect me today enabling me to move forward with optimism and confidence.

Elvin T, Denmark


I had the privilege of experiencing four transformative Healing Code sessions with Kate Strong, and each one was nothing short of extraordinary. Kate’s professional approach, combined with her innate gift, created an environment of self-discovery and release. With each session, it felt as though a veil lifted away, leaving me feeling lighter and free from any walls that had hindered me before. Kate’s ability to stay on topic while allowing the process to unfold naturally showcased her expertise. Working with Kate was an amazing journey, and her undeniable gift is sure to bring positive change to many. I have full confidence in her ability to help others on their paths of healing and self-discovery. 

Thank you so much Kate! I’m looking forward to working with you more in this modality.



Ive had the privilege of being Kates case study client for many of the processes she has learned.

The Belief code is another of her many skills and I found the process to be fascinating.  It was interesting watching how life unfolded in the weeks afterwards, and the learnings I came away with.   Kate brings her wealth of experience and understanding of the Body and Emotion codes and other life skills, to create an enriched experience in this latest process – The Belief Code.

I highly recommend this process with Kate.

Lynn, NZ


Just had my second Belief Code (by Bradley Neslon of the Emotion Code) session by Kate Strong and am blown away by the shifts. Kate is strongly intuitive and picks up alot. So much came from today session going back through my father’s side, so many aha moments. Emotion Code is powerful but this is on another level. I would high my recommend Kate, she’s grounded, intuitive and clear in her work. I can’t wait for my third session!

Nicky, France


If you would like a Belief Code session please click here.




Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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