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The Pressure of the Passage of Time

On Time
Something I’ve noticed for a while now is the pressure of time. How fast you are, how slow you are, are you on time for an appointment, do you arrive on time, are you always late, do you have to arrive early? Do you feel that time is getting away on you, do you feel as if you are constantly in a midlife crisis? Do other people expect you to be faster? Need you to slow down?


It’s hugely taxing on the endocrine system.


The Clock

We live in a society that measures things by the clock. Appointment time. Noon is lunch time; you have to eat. We have only so much time in an exam. We should be accomplished in our job by a certain age.


The Fastest

The constant need to do things fast and then you will be happy. If I work hard and fast, I can finish early and then I can relax.


At school we are measured by who is the fastest, who is the first to put up their hand, we have competitive sports. There’s a lot of shaming around speed and how fast you are or how slow you are.


Time is enormous pressure.


Meal Time

I grew up in a family where 6pm was dinner time. Whether you were hungry or not. Having to manage your appetite to have a meal you have to eat all up was hard as a child because your appetite varies. Nowadays I have my dinner anywhere from 4pm to 8pm depending on my appetite.


What Time Is It?

In the night if I wake up I check to see what the time is, I have been stopping myself checking and asked myself, why do I need to know the time, what does it matter? Not checking the time has allowed me to sleep for longer and deeper as well.


Time Is Running Out

I’ve always  felt that I should be further along with my success in life, I should have gotten over those issues Ive not been able to heal. Time is running out. I’m missing out on things in life.


But its such pressure to feel that time is slipping away, that if I was more this or that or faster, then I would have what I want. Or if things happened sooner then I would have been happier.


Time really is a man made construct that puts a whole lot of pressure on us.


Is The Pressure of Time a Thing in Your Life?


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