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George Michael

You Have Been Loved

On Christmas evening UK time, I like so many people, was shocked at the passing of George Michael. I loved his music; I spent more time listening to him in his Wham days.


What struck me was how much I was upset by it.


I was grieving hard.


I couldn’t understand it because I probably had more of a connection to David Bowie, as he was the first concert I attended, and the first album I bought.  But not even his passing affected me like this.


I wondered if this was more unexpressed grief about my best friend passing 1 3/4 years ago, or the fact I was on holiday so had time to grieve.


I obsessively read everything online, I trawled youtube for all his documentaries, concerts, joined up to Apple music, was listening to his songs all day everyday, then bought a DVD concert, I was thinking about him all the time and also dreaming about him.


I read so many of his lyrics, and I found that odd because I’m more a melody person. The depth of his lyrics were drawing me in. What became apparent was the amount of loss he had in his life and his pain around that.


I wondered if this was my inner teenager grieving, I just couldn’t work it out because I was sad about David Bowie and Prince passing, but I’m not sure I even watched anything more than one or two videos on youtube.


My heart was in so much pain. I wondered if I was tapped into the collective consciousness about his passing; being empathic.


During this time I decided to get back into my genealogy and renew my subscription to ancestry.com.au where I have my family tree. I needed to focus on something else other than this feeling of loss and sadness.


About half a week ago (3 days before my birthday) I decided to look up George Michael and see if his family tree was there.


I was thinking what am I doing?


You’ve lost the plot!


I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I felt something was there. I found a few photos of his family , the next night I had another go and I found what had gripped me.


I noticed patterns and repetitions in his tree, and like in my own family tree, I know that with energy, what isn’t resolved is passed down through the generations.


George’s mother’s mother died on my birthday (Jan 5th), and her son killed himself the same date in 1964.


Boom there it was.


This is the Uncle who George writes about in “My Mother Had A Brother” song. The media has got this story all mixed up by the looks of it, probably based on the fact George sings about his Uncle dying on the day he was born, and has given interviews about what his mother told him when he was 17, but birth/death records show he was 6 months old. He may have meshed in other family events from the previous generation.


But what did happen based on records was:


George’s mother’s mother’s father (Edward) died (25th Feb 1898) one day after his daughter (Daisy) was born (24th Feb 1898), and the date was 1 day before the date George’s mother died (26th Feb 1997).


George’s mother (Lesley) died (26th Feb) 2 days after her mother’s birthday (Daisy)(24th Feb).


George’s mothers father killed himself, the records say Jan/Feb/March. The record is not specific but it’s still around this time.


We know from interview’s that Lesley, George’s mother, found them both, having gassed themselves in the oven.


George died into the night of his mother’s birthday Dec 24th .


This is hugely significant in stirring up grief.  Which would trigger up his first huge significant loss of Anselmo Feleppa, his first love who died in 1993, who he wrote “Jesus To A Child” for.


The media are saying he died 25th December.


So there’s three generations of deaths being 1-2 days after a birth date.


I also noticed that George was 33 when his mother died, the same age that Jesus died. (George dying on Jesus’s birthday, birth/death)


So it was very obvious that these repetitive patterns were happening in his life, around births and deaths. Mothers and sons, fathers and daughters.


Once I realised that two deaths in his family happened on my birthday a huge energy lifted off me. 5th January is the 12th night of Christmas, it is the Epiphany, the night the three wise men followed the star to baby Jesus to give them gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. (btw I use Frankincense and Myrrh oils daily on my thyroid)


This still wasn’t resolved for me. Something still wasn’t letting me go.


So I had a session a few days ago with a wonderful Sufi healer. The grief was less but it was still there. I wanted to know why this was being put in my heart and why me? I wasn’t a loyal fan. (but I am now lol)


In the session, once I got past my ego, (which took a while) and why I should be witnessing these patterns and pain, I worked together with the Sufi healer to be of service for George. I won’t go into this here as that would be my ego talking.


I think it’s only fitting that George is to be buried with his mother.


I have a warm place in my heart now , and don’t feel the devastating paralysing grief. I have such a deep gratitude for all that George has gifted us through his music, his beautiful heart and soul.


I am a HUGE fan now, something deep happened for me through this journey.


RIP George, You Have Been Loved.

 PS; Since I wrote this I have since found that my ancestors on my mother’s side and his ancestors on his mother’s side lived in the same *suburb* in London.

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  • vnovak169

    Lovely healing, lovely song.

    • Kate

      Thanks Vera, feels like more than a healing, feels like something big has changed in me.

  • amber

    Happy Birthday Kate! What an extraordinary story. Something much less cool but similar happened to me after David Bowie died. I actually was way more of a Prince fan than Bowie but for some reason I was visited by David Bowie’s spirit after he died and he showed up in another dream of mine. It makes no sense why that would happened but I just let it go and decided not to question it.

    • Kate

      Thanks Amber. Ah interesting about Bowie. Yea, its certainly been a journey, its really affected me, and parts of it are still carrying on 🙂

  • Jane

    I felt deep grief when George M died crying over him, listening to his songs and reading about him. I couldn’t understand why I was grieving for him but I felt a strong soul connection to George but I had never met him (I felt a kind of physical attraction to him) – I have not felt that connection with any other celebrity except a teenage crush on one of the Bay City Rollers. I am the same age as George, age 53 and I was born in May 1963 and George was born in June 1963. I lost my dad in January 2016 and am still grieving for him and other deceased family. I also lost aunties, uncles and my mum in recent years. My ex-husband was the love of my life but our marriage broke down and we got divorced. I went to George M’s thanksgiving service on 30 April 2016 in a Bushey church. George went to school in Bushey. Since going to that Bushey church service and talking to George M fans, I have felt more peaceful.

    • Kate

      Hi Jane, thanks so much for your comment, I totally believe so many of us *lovelies* have a soul connection to George. And he’s so powerful in spirit. I woke up this morning and thought ok, Im getting rid of some stuff, might as well get rid of all my George books, I wont read them again and I dont want to collect them, and boom, you wrote a comment. He finds his way back in lol

      Glad you went to the Bushey service. Something I later found out about him was that my ancestors and his came from the same *suburb* in London back in the 1800s. Dont think they called them suburbs though 🙂

  • Jane

    I live in Ruislip in the London suburbs only a few miles from where George grew up so to me he was a local lad. After he died and in a dream I got a kiss from George or one of his guides I think as a comfort. I read a book on George from the library this year and was interested in him growing up and his family background. I definitely connected with him at the Bushey service and with his fans. How is George doing now in spirit? I hope he’s at peace.

    • Kate

      Jane I felt that after the service he moved on to a higher vibration, not that Ive really tuned in but I can just sense his energy, but I think hes not moved away, but moved to a place of more power, so he can do more good in the world, hes not left us, but helping us. Ive heard so many stories of visitations from him, hes here to look after us all and help us, as he did in life. His soul hasnt changed. He definitely was an earth angel.

  • robjam972000

    Wow, love your story. I’m from New Zealand and have been a HUGE GM/Wham fan since I was 16 as I was a teenager in the 80’s and George has always brighted up my world in many ways. I loved Pop music and everything about his music and voice etc resonated with me so I’ve always been a loyal fan. I was very sad he passed. He passed one month after my Mum and one year after my beloved twin sister. Not long after he died I felt his presence very near and had his image in my mind’s eye quite a lot. . I have a lovely medium friend and we brought his energy in and I had a conversation with him…It was a dream come true. Yes I also feel he has moved to a higher vibration since his service. I don’t see his face clearly in my mind’s eye anymore, but he is still there and I still chat to him. He said “if you want me, just call on me, if you need me I’ll be there” He definitely is a beautiful soul One of the things he wanted to say was that he is just a regular joe like everyone else. Bless his beautiful darling soul XOX

    • Kate

      Hey thanks for your comments, I must say I get a buzz knowing someone has found my article and commented. Yea, I think alot of people are experiencing the same, hes just a thought away if you need him. Very accessible and so eager to help. xx

  • robjam972000

    You’re welcome 🙂 Yes he’s very accessible and he also made the point that many people think that by calling on him and other spirits that we are bothering them, but he says that’s simply not true at all. He says “We are here to help” and with not having a body etc, they can be in many different places at once etc..xx

    It was also quite funny… I thought because I have loved him since I was 16 that I might have a soul connection to his soul, so I asked him if we’d had any past life connections and he replied…”I don’t want to break your heart but no” I laughed and said that’s fine and then I said “I suppose we aren’t in the same soul group” and he replied “No”. The reason why I asked is that I have a connection to Michael Jackson’s soul and had a past life in Native America with his soul. I loved MJ, but I wasn’t a die hard fan like I was George, but after MJ died I felt so much LOVE for MJ and still do. Also it’s interesting because Michael Jackson died on George Michael’s birthday 25/June and also George died on 25 December and I thought interesting the number 25 with adds to 7 and 7 is a very spiritual number. MJ had a lot of 7’s around him in life. I did ask George if his soul had planned 25 Demceber to pass but he replied “No”, but I still feel his soul or maybe larger soul higher self or Oversoul planned it but maybe not. George and Michael were actually very similar souls though in many ways. Interesting huh.. xxxx

    • Kate

      Funny last Sept I moved into a house 7. 🙂 Im just reading Mayte Garcia’s book about Prince, I didnt get into Prince in a big way, but he and my nephew share the same birthdate. I also found out too that George’s ancestors on his mother’s side and my mothers side came from the same suburb in London. I suspect you knew his soul in a past life but maybe he didn’t know yours. I suspect he was probably large in life as well, its why so many of us *know him*, its not just his music. Its not just similar pain etc, thinking he can relate, its deeper than that. We have known him before. Its not just fandom.

  • robjam972000

    7 is a great number 🙂 My younger son was born the same date as Prince 7th June. He was born the year 2000. When Prince died I felt his soul around but I wasn’t a die hard fan of his either, but loved most of his music. His energy is beautiful.

    Yes, not exactly sure with George. Mmm it would be good to find out more about his soul (huh). I think maybe it’s perhaps with the larger part of him as we all are apsects of our larger soul, some call it Higher Self, Oversoul or maybe better word is Eternal Essence.

    Oh and also here is an answer I received about George from the website called “Masters of the Universe’ where you can ask a question for free.
    When I received this answer I had already made contact with George.

    “You did not have contact with this particular soul previously. You became infatuated with him since his music stimulates your inner energy. Continue to exercise this connection through the music vibrations and the soul will be happy to have a discussion with you when you meet at Home”

    Susan xxxx

    • Kate

      Lovely. I also think his music is healing, sound vibration, its as if hes channeling healing energy. You agree?

  • robjam972000

    Absolutely agree YES.. George in life was very connected to that whether he knew it or not Yes and it is his voice as well that is healing, his tone etc. Since listening to his music since I was 16, I can honestly say I’ve listened to his music 90% of the time compared to any other artists or songs I like… I always go back to his music and it instantly (as they said in that message..stimulates my inner energy) and puts me in a good mood 🙂

    When I told George he is my favourite artist ever, he was very very humble and said “I’m honoured” I got the feeling though he did find all the adulation difficult and becoming a huge superstar really difficult as he really just wanted to be a normal person. He said twice during the chat that he is just a regular Joe. He said his life lesson was to find out who he really was and when he finally came out to the public and accepted to himself that he was Gay he learnt his lesson. I feel he also was here to provide awarness and acceptance with being Gay etc…..


    • Kate

      Well he struggled with regular person issues, we think celebrities are immune to the issues that affect us. Interesting him and Prince in particular, self medicating, then David Bowie smoked his whole life until he had his heart attacks, but George was always smoking cigarettes. Even that catches up. We overlook plain old tobacco. Its hard to live a creative life in this dysfunctional world.

  • robjam972000

    Yes, we all tend to put celebrities on Pedastals, but at the end of the day they are human with human flaws just like everyone else with personal struggles and lessons that they chose for themselves to conquer or experience in their incarnation etc. Yes, under the pressure of being famous, substances and self medicating are often the norm. Yes, George still smoke a lot which I think aged him faster……

    • Kate

      Yea, must have contributed to heart issues. He certainly brings out the rescuer in all of us lol Wanting to save him.

  • robjam972000

    Yes, he didn’t seem to look after himself very well 🙁 Yes…absolutely, MJ was the same, it brought out that quality in millons of people, and that mulitplied enormously after he died. Some people do refuse to ackowledge that MJ had human flaws and was a human being and that he was different behind closed doors. He was his MJ persona for the public etc.. I know several people who refuse to acknowledge that he swore and wasn’t perfect……

  • robjam972000

    No I haven’t. I did see one interview he did but not with the Sun. I’ll have to check it out. I follow him on Instagram. I know Kenny has said that George was very private and that was true. MJ was the same (and rightly so)

    • Kate

      I follow him on instagram too, thats where he announced it. apparently its advertised on tv in the UK too. lots of slagging off at him on his last post, because George hated the SUn. But they paid him millions, and its all going to charity, theres like 4 articles.

  • robjam972000

    Is this it? I loved reading how George loved Corrie. It used to be my favourite TV show for years. I lived in London for 3 years in the early 90’s with my twin sister (who died a year and half ago) My Mum died a month before George in November. Anyway, my sis and I enjoyed watching Corro Street and Eastenders in London. Sadly we never got to see George live in concert. I mentioned this to George and he said he had been trying to give me a concert in my sleep. I wish I could remember my dreams LOL….


    • Kate

      Im so sorry for your loss. I think George really helps as far as people who are grieving, thats certainly how hes helped me when I lost my best friend of 26 years, 2 years ago.
      Yea, thats it, but theres 3 more articles. One about the funeral, one about his drugs addiction, one about his philanthropy.
      Kenny wants to highlight mental health issues and addiction.

  • robjam972000

    Thank you and I’m sorry for your loss also… Yes, very very sad losing my beloved twin sister, we were so close and it was so much fun having a twin sis in this life. It’s kind of funny I kind of think my Mum and my sis planned on leaving quite close togehter. My sis was only 48 and my Mum was only 72..
    My sis does give me lots of signs and I’ve spoken to her through a medium etc

    Yes, I’ve now read the other articles. Yes, Kenny is a lovely soul and I’m so pleased he wants to continue the work they did together. They were true soulmates 🙂

    Still talking about George….This song keeps coming up for me today…. I keep seeing it on FB and OMG, it’s beautiful…..

    • Kate

      Oh dear, youll get me started watching youtube and George lol So many beautiful songs.
      Kenny I suspect was like his mother, grounded him. I found it interesting Kenny said he didnt know that “George Michael” as he never sung around the house, was too embarrassed.

      • robjam972000

        Yes, Kenny and George had a very normal life together. Kenny apparently wasn’t into music much. Have you seen the interview he did with the Good Morning show in England. He bascially says much the same things as in the Sun. Quite a lot of people have given him a lot flak about doing this interviews for the money..but he has made it quite clear the money is going to their charity.

        Yes, I’m sure Kenny did ground him. It was a shame they broke up….

        • Kate

          Im not sure if I have seen that. Those Sun interviews really shone a light on how normal George was at home really.

  • Jane

    Lovely song.

  • Jane

    I’ve heard on the news that George Michael’s sister, Melanie Panyiotou, died on 25 December 2019 and their sister Yioda found her dead at home. How strange she like her brother passed at Christmas – this is strange and I feel very shocked and sad. Can you explain why they both died at Christmas?

    • Kate

      Hey Jane, I know, its all over the news and social media. Im wondering if she died from natural causes, if so then her mothers birthday, and George’s death would have caused her more stress, and people do die from grief. Poor Yioda, they were a close family. And of course, Jack. My heart goes out to them.

  • Stancy Merwin

    How nice that you revealed all this, Kate. you are truly spiritual more than most…sorry I only just got around to reading it.
    My sister is terminally ill though still feeling fine, but it will not last. I am trying to think of some way she can message me after she is gone, so i will know she hears me.
    A noise, or a visual symbol, something she could send. Have you heard of someone asking the person for this while still alive but who is going to pass? Thanks for any thoughts.

    • Kate

      Hi Stancy, Im glad your sister is comfortable. Yes, I think its quite common to ask for signs beforehand. Whats something that you think of when you think of your sister, like a tabby cat or a birthstone or a song? Even her first name. They could be signs.

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