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What’s Missing From Self Healing Techniques?

I’m all for self healing, after all, all healing is self healing, but on my journey using different modalities, and I’ve used a ton of them, there’s something I have found that gets better results than the lot of them combined.


That missing factor is another person.


I started out in the 1980’s doing rebirthing, I did that for about 7 years, I did it by myself and I went to practitioners. I’ve learned EFT, the Mace Method, the Emotion Code, to name but a few of the methods.


And I’ve had years and years of self exploration in therapy. Gestalt therapy, Family Constellations Work, Matrix Reimprinting, Meta Healing Process. Seeing a therapist these days is nothing like it was 20 years ago, now therapists use energy healing techniques. What’s also great is you can also see therapists over skype.


For practical purposes I have learned techniques from books, thousands of books, and applied them or not, mainly to save money going to a practitioner, also because I like to be self sufficient. Living in New Zealand we have a term called *number 8 wire mentality*. It means we try to fix everything ourselves.


Even though we might get ahead healing wise, I think there comes a point where we hit a stumbling block. There’s a switch from tapping the pain away and trying to clear out the old baggage to feeling something is missing about the whole process.


We need to return to the *flock* as Richard Flook a Meta Medicine Head Trainer would call it.


A host of inner issues are healed by connecting with another human, and feeling supported. To be witnessed by someone else in your process of healing, IS the healing.


We learn about a whole lot of dynamics by coming together either in a group or just one person. We learn about boundaries and how we place ourselves in that group. How we feel we belong and how we relate to one another.


Of course there is a place to apply healing techniques on ourselves in our own time, but often times we have a blind spot that can only been seen by someone else. Having someone else there means we can switch off and be in the process of healing, not having a part of us split off and oversee what’s going on.


We may feel more vulnerable exploring our process with someone else, but having someone helping you often feels more rewarding than struggling on our own.


What have you found about self healing versus healing with others?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.


  • andrea parker

    I want to say that I always enjoy your blog when I get it to my email so thank you for writing it. About self healing, it is good but there is the issue of awareness. Many people need to work with a healer because they dont have awareness of what ails them.

    • Kate

      Thanks, Andrea, yes of course. You’re so right. And I’m glad you enjoy my blog posts.

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