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Why Healthy Foods May Not Be Good For You!

A few weeks ago I read a book that I really liked. It’s called The Plant Paradox – The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain.


Not Another Diet

I was in a quandary though, I’ve put on quite a bit of weight over the years, with my thyroid having been out of whack, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try another way of eating, and fail.


But this book really made alot of sense to me. And I really liked the authors credentials. Steven Gundry MD has ALOT of credentials, one of them being he was a cardio-thoracic surgeon.



It’s all about lectins.


I didn’t know about lectins, but I knew about how plants protect themselves from predators with a substance that makes the insects sick. I know this from essential oils because some oils have the same protective qualities.


So even if you think you are eating healthy, there are foods that are healthy that can be harming you. Of course not everyone reacts this way, but if you have an auto immune condition then its most likely the case.


The vegetables and fruits that have seeds (their babies to protect) are a no no. like runner beans, cucumbers and tomatoes for eg.


The first week I noticed the scales going down, I also noticed my gut felt calmer, there wasn’t a war going on in it.


From the Inside Cover
“Most of us have heard of gluten—a protein found in wheat that can cause widespread inflammation in the body. Americans spend billions of dollars on gluten-free diets in an effort to protect their health. But what if we’ve been missing the root of the problem?”


In The Plant Paradox, renowned cardiologist and heart surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry reveals that gluten is just one variety of a common, and highly toxic, plant-based protein called lectin. Lectins are found not only in grains like wheat but also in the “gluten-free” foods most of us commonly regard as healthy, including many fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and conventional dairy products. These proteins, which are found in the seeds, grains, skins, rinds, and leaves of plants, are designed by nature to protect plants from predators (including humans). Once ingested, they incite a kind of chemical warfare in our bodies, causing inflammatory reactions that can lead to weight gain and serious health conditions.


At his waitlist-only clinics in California, Dr. Gundry has successfully treated tens of thousands of patients suffering from autoimmune disorders, diabetes, leaky gut syndrome, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases with a protocol that detoxes the cells, repairs the gut, and nourishes the body. Now, in The Plant Paradox, he shares this clinically proven program with readers around the world.


The simple (and daunting) fact is, lectins are everywhere. Thankfully, Dr. Gundry offers simple hacks we can easily employ to avoid them, including


Peel your veggies. Lectins are concentrated in the leaves, peels, and seeds of plants; simply peeling and deseeding vegetables (like tomatoes and peppers) reduces their lectin content.


Shop for fruit in season. Fruit contain fewer lectins when ripe, so eating apples, berries, and other lectin-containing fruits at the peak of ripeness helps minimize your lectin consumption.


Swap your brown rice for white. Whole grains and seeds with hard outer coatings are designed by nature to cause digestive distress—and are full of lectins.”


Click here for a link to the foods on the Yes and No List.


After a while you can reintroduce foods if your health/weight has improved, and see how you react. I joined a few facebook groups and there are many wonderful stories of improved health from people.


I’ll keep you updated how I go with this.

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  • foundationalhealing

    There should be no grains on an auto-immune diet! The AIP diet (Auto Immune Protocol is your friend. https://www.thepaleomom.com/

    • Kate

      Hi ya, yep, haven’t been eating grains consciously since reading the wheat belly diet book a while ago, but when my thyroid went out of whack the comfort food crept in. For me this book was learning about the vegetable not to eat.
      Thanks for commenting.

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