Why we find it hard to let go!

I’m part way through reading Caroline Myss’s book, Defying Gravity. There’s a section in her book which has a profound effect on me, the capitals explain it all. Really captures why we find it hard to let go,let god. If we let any hurt, betrayal, injustice go, if we hand it over, decide to forgive, then our anger and pain isn’t there to shield us. But it’s a paradox of course.


“Giving up the need to know why something has happened to you will definitely count among the most rigorous personal challenges of your life. Everything about human nature craves an explanation for why events occur as they do. Our sense of reason is more than just an attribute of the mind; it is akin to an archetypal power that governs our capacity to ground our lives and balance the forces of chaos in the world. The power of reason connects us to the rule of law and justice, directing human behaviour on that tenuous path of right and wrong. Surrendering the need to know “why” represents the release of an entire inner archetypal map, one that the ego relies on for its strategies of survival in a world we perceive as heavily influenced by the polarities of right and wrong, good and evil. TO SURRENDER RUNS COUNTER TO ALL YOUR INSTINCTS OF PROTECTION GROUNDED AS THEY ARE IN YOUR NEED FOR PERSONAL SAFETY. YOUR UNCONSIOUS FEAR IS THAT TO SURRENDER IS TO RELEASE THE FORCE OF EVIL IN YOUR LIFE WITHOUT THE RULE OF GOOD TO COUNTERACT IT.” – Caroline Myss – Defying Gravity.

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