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Why You Should Baby Crawl As An Adult

Disconnection From Legs

I’ve always had issues about walking; feeling confident walking, being connected to my legs. When I was under 10 years of age I had 3 operations on my legs that laid me up in hospital for weeks, and in the 1960s it wasn’t a fun place for a child to be. Subsequently I have a lot of trauma around my legs.


In healing my psoas muscle pain I came across crawling for adults, and it’s the first body related movement exercise I feel so good doing, its easy too, but a harder workout than what you would think.


In fact I intuitively felt that I should have perhaps gone back to crawling as a toddler to rebalance the trauma from the surgeries on my legs.


But it’s not too late.


baby girl learning to stand up

Cross Crawl and Marching

Crawling is so much more than the developmental stages that babies go through before they walk. Cross crawl marching balances left and right sides of the brain. Kids do it in school to get their brains switched on for learning.


But crawling on the ground has even more benefits. It also helps balance:


  • Your hand/eye co-ordination
  • Your sensory systems
  • Your balance systems
  • Your visual systems
  • Helps build your reflexes so you can respond faster and stronger
  • It restores your central nervous system, so you handle stress better

Crawling As Exercise

Its also a great exercise, it has a multitude of benefits, including:

  • It improves our posture
  • It strengthens your core
  • It gets your shoulders and pelvis working together
  • It improves our sense of self in relation to space
  • It helps you prepare to transfer force

The best way to crawl for maximum benefit is to have your head up so you can see where you’re going, drag your legs along flat on the ground, and keep your chest out, like you are proud. Make sure you opposite arm move at the same time.


Crawling is hard wired into our brains, so our bodies have this inbuilt pattern that is restorative and strengthening.


Have you tried crawling?

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