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You Are Not A Soul In A Body, You Are A Body In A Soul

You Are Not Alone – Flame Families

Last year I did a course in Spiritual Response Therapy, and one of the things I learned on the course, in Robert E Detzler’s book, Soul Re-Creation : Developing Your Cosmic Potential is that we are the fire of God’s creation, and that flame, which is our Soul Family, resembles a flower with petals.


Each petal has two souls, male and female, and all the petals together form a flame family. In one petal, we have our twin flame who is closer to us than other soul flame mates in the flower system.


I’m not talking about the typical twin flame or soul mate description where we search for that other person who completes us, but souls who learn lessons together, all part of that flower system.


That twin flame may be a child, a parent, friend, not just a lover. The twin flame may also not be incarnated.


We can also hook into other flower systems where some parts of the soul family are part of other soul families. The petals connect with other petals and cross over.



image from Soul Re-Creation by Robert E Detzler


We Are One In Spirit
Overseeing these flower systems is an oversoul, moving higher on up the hierarchy in consciousness, to the Angels and then God.


This is where the spiritual belief comes in that we are One. We are all connected in Spirit.


Our Body Is In Our Soul

So our body resides in this flower, our soul is part of the petal, and our body resides in it, and when we die we shed our body but are still attached to this flower system.


Simultaneous Incarnations

Another concept that resonates for me, that I read in Dr Linda Bachman’s book, The Evolving Soul: Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration is that we can be incarnated in more than one place at the same time in history.


Doing past life healings, for others and myself, I’ve always wondered if timelines would pan out, but this explains how our Soul is like a holograph, not only can we be incarnated into parallel universes, but in this universe as well.


I have never really looked much into parallel universes, but if you see the body as residing in the soul, it makes sense that we can have multiple bodies connected to our petal, in the soul family, in multiple dimensions.


Do You Like The Idea Of Being Part Of A Petal In A Flower Family?

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