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You Don’t Need More Motivation, You Need More Discipline

What is Discipline?

The common misconception is that to be successful you need motivation. While a good dose of motivation can definitely help, having the discipline to put in the hard work is equally important. Discipline involves taking action consistently even when it’s difficult or not fun. It requires knowing what must be done and setting goals that support your desired outcome.


Discipline is developed over time through practice and commitment. It includes forming positive habits such as getting up early, exercising regularly, making healthy eating choices, and allowing yourself adequate rest and relaxation. Knowing how to set realistic goals for yourself can also aid in building discipline because it gives you something tangible to strive for and keeps you focused on achieving your objectives.


How Discipline Differs from Motivation

If you are struggling to make progress on your goals and ambitions, it may be time to refocus on discipline instead of relying solely on motivation. There is a key distinction between the two, and understanding how they differ can help you find success.


Motivation is an emotion that comes and goes; it ebb and flows with the tide. It can provide bursts of energy for short periods, but it’s not reliable over the long term. Discipline, however, is more like a steady river rather than a wave in the ocean. It takes focus and dedication to build up discipline, but once established it can reliably lead to sustained results without fluctuating levels of excitement or enthusiasm.


My nutritionist likes to say “You need to act to feel motivated.”


Benefits of Discipline

There are many benefits of having discipline in life. The ability to be disciplined can improve a person’s productivity, increase their opportunities for success and even lead to better overall mental health. If you feel like you need more motivation, it may not be the answer; instead, it might be time to focus on developing your own discipline.


Discipline greatly increases an individual’s chances of meeting their goals and achieving success in any endeavor they set out upon. It helps people stay focused on their vision and create systems that will help them reach their full potential without getting distracted by external factors. Additionally, having discipline can also provide individuals with greater structure and order in their lives as well as a sense of purpose which leads to better mental health overall.


In this day of age where we have so many choices, especially on the internet, it’s so easy to get distracted and lose your focus, you need discipline to keep you on track.


Strategies to Become More Disciplined

Do you feel like you’re constantly in need of more motivation? You may benefit from becoming more disciplined rather than relying on inspiration. Discipline is the ability to do a task even when there is no immediate reward or joy from it. Learning how to be more disciplined can help you reach your goals and make consistent progress towards success.


There are several strategies that can help you become a more disciplined person. First, set yourself achievable goals that are broken down into smaller tasks and put them into action one step at a time. Keep yourself accountable by making sure that each goal is realistic, attainable and has a timeline with measurable outcomes so that you stay focused and motivated throughout the process. Additionally, remove all distractions as much as possible while working on your tasks and eliminate any unnecessary activities or obligations that might prevent you from staying focused on what matters most.


One technique I have used in the past is The Pomodoro Technique which even has an app to help with tasks.


Overcoming Challenges

We all face challenges throughout our lives. Whether it’s a difficult job, an overwhelming personal project, or a looming deadline, there are always obstacles to overcome. But often times we can become so focused on motivation that we forget about the other important components of success: discipline and persistence.


The truth is, you don’t need more motivation – you need more discipline. Discipline is the key to overcoming any challenge in life. It helps us stay focused and organized when things seem uncertain; it allows us to take consistent action towards our goals; and it gives us the strength to keep going even when we feel like giving up. With disciplined efforts and persistent work ethic, you can achieve anything you set your mind to – no matter how daunting or complex the task may be.



The conclusion of any journey is never easy, and the same can be said for cultivating a more disciplined lifestyle. It’s not impossible, however, and by understanding the difference between motivation and discipline, anyone can embark on their own path to success.


Motivation has its place in our lives; it serves to inspire us in times of need. But when it comes down to making consistent progress towards our goals, discipline is king. Discipline keeps us on track when things get difficult and helps us develop positive habits that will stick with us long-term. Ultimately, having the right mindset and being willing to put in the hard work are essential for achieving success. So if you’re serious about making real change in your life, remember that all you need is more discipline — not more motivation!

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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