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Are You Getting In The Way Of Your Emotional Health?

How do you feel about your emotions?


Do you let them flow?


Do you like all of them?


Do you take the time to let them out?


Explore them?


Or can’t you be bothered with them?


Do you feel depressed about them?


Want to numb them out?


Well it’s not our emotions that are the problem. It’s our RELATIONSHIP with our emotions that’s the key to emotional wellness.


Think about that for a second. Cause it’s very profound and it’s the crux of why so many of us stay in our pain way longer than we need to be in it.


It’s not what we feel that’s the problem. It’s what we tell ourselves about what we feel. There’s like this background music of chatter that’s going on when we feel something.


It might go something like this:


I can’t feel that? What would my kids think if they saw me feeling that? What would my husband think of me if I told him I was feeling that? I can’t cry in public. I can’t feel that anger because then I would have to make a decision about my marriage? I have to be upbeat, I can’t feel sad. Everyone is depending on me I can’t be depressed.


Emotions don’t cause us pain. They well up and then pass through us and we let them go.


It’s our unhealthy relationship with our emotions that causes us the pain.


The gold is in allowing yourself to have all your emotions, to accept them. When you accept them they pass through.


Emotions = energy in motion. And at any stage if you stop that flow you’re going to get blocked up and this is the crux to so many issues we have in our lives, ie: physical ailments, emotional and mental pain.


So next time you feel an emotion just observe what else you’re saying to yourself that is making it not ok for you to be feeling what you’re feeling. See if you can see the part of you that stops your emotions and feelings. You don’t have to get into battle with it but just by realising what you say to yourself will free you up to let those emotions run through.


How you relate to your emotions is a microcosm of how you relate to the world.

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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