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Listening inwards

Are You Listening To Your Inner Authority?

5 Elements
I am doing a training this year about 5 Elements and Meta-Health. I have learned so much on the first call with Susanne Billander and Dr. Kwesi Anan Odum which looks at the 5 elements in Chinese Philosophy coupled with Meta Health.



The first training we learned about the element of Water. This is related to the Kidneys, Bladder and Adrenals, the emotion of fear, the season is winter, and the sense is hearing.


The kidneys store the memories of our ancestors. How we react to a situation in our life is hugely influenced by how our ancestors dealt with situations.



As mammals it’s in our biology to survive by being part of the pack, which in essence means our families and the wider community.


If I listen and obey my parents/the group then I can belong. The need to belong is hard wired into our brains, it’s how we survive and any threat to that means we will feel excluded and isolated which for a mammal is death.


It’s why for some of us we find it very hard to disobey the message of authority.


Why Can’t I Learn This?

Recently I encountered a situation where I was struggling to grasp the process of a healing technique I was training to learn. I felt inadequate and thought perhaps there was just some kind of trauma in my life that meant that I really had met my match and this was just too hard for me to apply.


I felt as if I had twisted like a pretzel to understand what I was doing wrong, and I tried to make it work to fit into this group.


Then I decided it was perhaps best if I left this group, and realised that my need to belong to this group was getting in the way of listening to what was right for me. I worked out that the feelings I was having were these primal feelings that if I’m separated from the flock then I would die.


Listening To Myself

So with this new perspective I realised that I had been listening to the group mind and not my own perspective, and soon worked out what it was about the technique that didn’t fit for me.


I put forward my views to Richard Flook, I felt I could now validate how I was thinking and feeling, because it felt right for me, and I wasn’t trying to make myself fit in order to belong. I listened to myself and opened a dialogue with Richard so that he could hear me.


And he did.


I now stand in a totally new place with Advanced Clearing Energetics and love the technique like no other, because I listened to my Inner Authority.



I also have a whole new relationship with the energy around “teacher”.


Thanks Richard 🙂


I was used to giving away my power in a teaching situation and being subservient. I had learned that you don’t question authority/the teacher. You just get what you need from the teachings and do your own thing. Our school days do not teach us to individuate but to fit in and obey or be punished if you don’t.


To think I was prepared to give it all up for fear of listening to myself instead of the group.


Where in your life are you going along with the general consensus of a group instead of listening to your own inner wisdom?

Kate offers Healings and Intuitive Guidance. She offers sessions in the Emotion Code, Body Code, Cord Cutting Past Life Healings, Soul Healings and more. She offers these by email.

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