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Social Anxiety

Do You Suffer From Social Anxiety?


Just over a month ago I decided to join the Tapping Solution Insiders Club , which is Nick and Jessica Ortner’s site. I love their approach to EFT, and they already have alot of really interesting tapping videos to tap along with.


As I was scrolling through their list of topics to tap along with, I came across a talk with Sebastiaan van der Schrier, who’s youtube channel is here. He’s got heaps of videos on overcoming social anxiety, and using EFT to do it.


As a person who suffers anxiety, I definitely suffer from social anxiety; some years its shyness, other years its totally wanting to avoid people at all costs. Having a sensitive nervous system, there can be many reasons why I find social situations hard to handle, either I’m empathically picking up energy, or I’m exhausted because I’m an introvert, or I’m in freeze mode because of past traumas.


Since becoming menopausal I find social interaction way more challenging. I used to talk ten to the dozen, now I would be happy not speaking at all. lol


I really would like to be a bit more social than I am, so I decided to buy Sebastiaan’s Social Confidence System, you can find it here.


I love his approach, his course is totally packed covering all aspects of what you might encounter wanting to overcome social anxiety. One of the biggest things I learned was that you can be hugely affected from your feelings ABOUT your social anxiety. Not just about social situations, but about yourself and how you feel about yourself being socially anxious.


I like trawling through his youtube channel, you can see some of his videos are a few years older and you can see current videos as a comparison, he’s sooooo relaxed now, which I find a great testimonial for his solution to social anxiety. He’s got some great podcasts too on his channel and website.


Let me know if you check him out.

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