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Healing Empathy Using the Emotion Code

I was talking to Anna Sayce recently and we were discussing the issue of the pain that being empathic causes people. I surely haven’t mastered my empathy by a long shot. It’s quite hard to use empathy in my job, but then turn it off in other situations. It’s an ongoing process.


I do believe that empaths brains are wired differently, but in saying that, I don’t feel we are victims, but we can work on the other underlying issues from our lives that have contributed to us *feeling* everything around us.


There are lots of different types of empathy, you can feel other peoples pain, you can sense global issues, you can pick up peoples health issues, or animals pain and more. I certainly had to work on this during the 16 months of earthquakes here in Christchurch, New Zealand.


I don’t think there’s a one fix fits all. And I don’t think its something you can heal in say 6 months time. I think it’s a lifelong quest. It’s a curse and a blessing at the same time.


I made a comment on facebook not so long ago about how certain spiritual protection doesn’t work for me. I have never been able to put white light around me and feel it works for me. I don’t notice any significant changes. I also didn’t feel I knew how to shield myself. I ask for divine protection and just trust it is there in my readings, but I don’t feel that protection in my personal life. It feels very ineffectual.


Then I got to thinking I could use the Emotion Code on what might be underlying not being able to feel this kind of protection. I detected just one trapped emotion that was inherited of self abuse. I cleared that and I instantly felt the need to clear a relationship from my life, one that didn’t make me feel good, and during that process I didn’t feel any of the other persons stuff that often made me plunge into overwhelm so as not to feel *everything*. I felt clear as if I had boundaries that were working for me.


I love that saying *If one of us has to feel bad, it doesn’t have to be me*. Feeling my stuff and others always had me feeling bad. And this was certainly true working on an issue of empathy that was keeping me stuck in an emotional state that kept me in a lowered state of self worth, feeling I wasn’t able to protect myself, but just having to put up with the way things were.


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