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Toxic self-reliance

Toxic Self-Reliance and How It Can Affect Your Mental Health

Identifying Dispositions of Toxic Self-Reliance

Toxic self-reliance is a defense mechanism that people use to protect themselves from the fear of being abandoned or rejected. It is often characterised by a belief that there are no needs outside those which can be met by the person himself. This type of behavior may intensify in response to traumatic events or other types of major life changes, such as loss or conflict, and typically manifests in the form of anger, withdrawal, and isolation.


Some people do not like feeling dependent on others for anything. They would rather live with their own thoughts than relying on others for any help.


While it’s great to be independent, there are some areas where having outside help is necessary. You can’t do all of this on your own. It’s healthy to rely on others for help.


What is Toxic Self-Reliance ?

Toxic self-reliance is a state of mind that focuses on one’s individual abilities or strengths which can lead to extreme beliefs that they are the only ones who can succeed.


The dangers of toxic self-reliance stem from the belief that success is based on one person’s efforts, rather than relying on others for help, support and guidance. It can also be related to unhealthy risk taking behaviours, which contribute to the idea that there are no consequences for what you do.


The Dark Side of Self-Reliance

All of the benefits of self-reliance also come with a downside—overwork and stress. When left unchecked, self-reliance can lead to a long term situation known as burnout which can often be the result of overworking for extended periods of time without any relief. Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on future productivity and result in less favourable outcomes.


Self-reliance is typically seen as a good thing. The problem is that it either leads to people who take too much responsibility or people who don’t take enough responsibility for themselves.


Ultimately being an island unto yourself can lead to anxiety and depression. Humans are social creatures, we are meant to be interconnected. It regulates our nervous system.



How to Stop Giving Yourself All the Responsibility in Life & Start Accepting Help Becoming More Independent

It’s time to stop being so self-reliant.


When it comes to being independent, many of us have a tendency to want to do everything on our own. We think that if we can just figure it out by ourselves, then we don’t need anyone else. The problem with this mindset is that it can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. It also leaves us feeling lonely because no one else can share in our burdens or help make them lighter for us.


We are all meant to depend on one another in life and the sooner we start accepting this responsibility, the more fulfilled and healthily independent we will be.


Benefits of Breaking Down the Barriers of Toxic Self-Reliance

We are living in a society where individualism is at an all-time high. People are encouraged to do things for themselves and not rely on outside help. This has led to many people feeling lonely, isolated, and depressed.


Breaking down the barriers of toxic self-reliance is especially important for young people because they are more susceptible to developing low self-esteem or mental health issues when they don’t get the support they need.


We often find people with a toxic self reliance attitude usually hurts their relationships. They focus on themselves and refuse to put in any effort for a relationship because they believe that they deserve the best of everything and if they don’t get it, then there is something wrong with them or the other person. They believe that if they do it all themselves they won’t be hurt, rejected, criticised, and ultimately abandoned.


It is important to be able to care about oneself without  sacrificing relationships with others.


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